Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dashing or Not So? Agent Dash at Google Play

Tired of Temple Run's run-for-your-life adventure?  Try Agent Dash instead: it's free too, just as exhilaratingly fast-paced, and for a change no one's chasing after you.  After all it's definitely far more intriguing to see a man running and running with no one behind him.  

Your goal though as the tuxedo-donning Agent Dash is to destroy enemy bases.  Without tripping or crashing into conveniently helpful signposts or falling into a river of lava of course.

The non-stop running means Agent Dash--and all the other fast & furious agents like Joanna Goodthug and Jawbone--won't have time to smell the roses, much less explore the nice, lushly-detailed world game developer Full Fat has prepared for its characters.  As it is, graphics are rendered beautifully (from the shafts of sunlight streaming down the forest to the flowing lava) while ambient sound really adds a nice overall depth (crashing waterfalls, eerie hollow underground sound for instance).

We especially like the tongue-in-cheek tidbits when the game is just beginning to load (Loading some crates, Straightening the bow tie, Greasing the wheels, Loading some important stuff, etc.  Get it?)  

Replay value suffers after days and days of running though.  Unlike other runner games, Agent Dash doesn't have those mini-objectives that you can achieve per level.  You end up, well, just running and running until you slip and trip.

Overall the game's polished look feels like Agent Dash could have been a popular animated show deftly turned into a action-packed game.  But the lack of whistles and bells, and all things that make the spy genre infinitely intriguing make this a bit of a disappointment after a few runs.

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