Monday, November 5, 2012

Four of My Favorite Android Games on My Phone Right Now

Pew Pew (from Jean-François Geyelin)

Pew Pew is what the classic novel Flatland might look like if all the characters were pitted against each other in a chaotic space combat.  Sure enough, you've got 3D spaceships and enemies, yet you only get to move around a 2D plane.  But even so, this retro shooter game featuring sleek graphics--minimalist lines, spare shapes, and psychedelic colors--is so fun to play you almost forget it's on touchscreen.  Pony up for Pew Pew 2 for more challenges, though the free version on Android will already blow you away.

Nice bit: Replay function of your top 5 high scoring games, which gives you a 360 degree view all over.

World of Goo (from 2D Boy)

Sticky black goo and physics merge in this ingenious puzzle where you build spindly structures .  Excellent graphics and storytelling, with bonus mystery of the sign painter. The black goo, by the way, reminds me of the black oil in The X-Files--animated too, but less fatal.  Free for the first 10 levels, but the paid version is definitely worth it.

Furdiburb (from

Hark back to the simple days of the keychain tamagotchi games back in early 2000s, and see if you can still remember what the fuss was all about.  

Enter Furdiburb, possibly the only tamagotchi game worth your time on Android.  Your creature to care for: a ball of an alien stranded on a planet, with quirky inhabitants selling you stuff and eventually helping you rebuild your spaceship.  As with the tamagotchis of the past, you also give baths to your charge (in the form of cloud showers), and feed with various produce you yourself have grown.  The mini-games along the way are all enjoyable without losing replay value.  Furdiburb reminds me of Samorost (though less grungy and gritty--there's much sleuthing going around, customizing your crib, and plenty humor--all wrapped up in crisp candy-nice graphics (not too girly, thankfully).  Beware, Furdiburb isn't just some touch-and-click mindless fun; you'll have to pay attention.  
Nice bit: Tilt your phone to move and shake up things.
Sad bit: when Furdiburb eats Chicken Mama.

Best bit: Sheado just came out with an update!

Robot Adventure (from Runner Games)

Just when I thought something was frigging wrong with my robot--too clunky and won't fly at all--I complete my mission and was able to upgrade--from better gas mileage to shock-proof helmets.  From then on, each flight became a breeze, though still frustratingly hard enough so you'll keep coming back.  Robot adventure is perfect for quenching that age-old, never-ending thirst to reach the stars and the unknown, although I hope an update will really let my good ol' Robot bump into something new.

Sad bit: Fully upgrade, my robot looked like a chunk of gold.  Not the most aerodynamic metal.
Best bit: What lies beyond.

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