Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toy Aquarium Fish Without the Guilt.

Fishes kept in aquarium look pretty on the surface, but deep down we all know how they got from the pet store and into our glass tanks is never a serene story.  The aquarium fish trade is seriously damaging marine life, and at what cost?  So bipeds like us can have nice brilliantly colorful fishes to look at to let us de-stress after a day's work.

Enter Robo Fish, the toy robotic fish that swim, frolic, feeds, and even cluster like the real thing.  Up close, they're not that realistic yet, but at least they got to fool the cat.

You know what this means.  Low maintenance pet fishes that you don't have to feed (though you'll have to replace the batt once in a while.)  

And best of all, no fish was caught and separated from its natural habitat.

$37 (2900 Yen) per fish at Amazon Japan.  (Trust the Japanese to wow us with these things.)

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