Wednesday, January 9, 2013

HexBug nano | for The Robot Insect fiend in you

The HexBug nano series, which come in all sorts of insect forms--from millipedes to flies to roaches--look like something a high schooler can easily cobble together for the science fair in a matter of days.

The insect robots are crude and spindly, and the plastic parts don't look like they'll last a week in the hands of even the most careful kid.  And they're pricey besides.  We'd be happy if the darn insects can at least be used to spy or clean up something, but as it is, the HexBug nano is just for show.

The millipede, for instance, has a sensor that allows it run around like crazy without bumping into anything at all. There's larvae versions in transparent capsules, and there's even an arena where the insect bots can crawl around.

Maybe a smartphone integration is coming which will make these bots more interesting.  In the meantime, we're gonna say pass.

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