Thursday, February 14, 2013

Animal Love at Google's Valentine's Day Doodle

This year's Valentine Doodle by Google features animals in love.  We're talking interspecies.  

Incidentally, it's also George Ferris' birthday on the 14th.  And what better way to to show quirky love than through that most romantic ride of all--the Ferris Wheel!  (Gondolas are romantic too, but not everyone has a chance to go to Venice).  

Anyway, just press the button to stop the spinning rides, and the two side-by-side Ferris Wheels produce an unlikely match:

Just some of the quirky animal pairings:

A hippo and a plover (already with their own age-old symbiotic relationship in real life.)

A horse and a tiger (very Biblical.  No wait, that's the lion and the lamb, but it's close)

A squirrel and an iguana.

And a fox all by himself, because, well, they're solitary animals. 

I guess, Happy Valentine's Day to the happy beast in all of us. :)

Last year's Valentine's, Google's Doodle was this.  Which featured at the end, among the other jump rope couples, two tuxedoed gay men.  Lovely.  



QPT said...

i liked the Rabbit & Dolphin combination in this valentines day doodle

mothproof said...

I like the hippo and the bird, just because they managed to overcome size differences. :)

I would have wanted to see more animal pairs since there are 8 seats per Ferris Wheel. So that makes 16. Then again, maybe the other seats are already occupied by couples. :)

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